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Gift Lists

Our gift list facility enables you to create a personal gift list of really inspiring trees to celebrate that special occasion, whether it be for a wedding, retirement, christening, birthday or anything in between. Once your list is created guests can purchase trees from your list, or buy vouchers which you can then use to purchase your selected trees. We have even made the process extra easy by selecting trees that might be suitable for these special occasions.

How to create a Gift List

Step 1

First make sure you are registered and logged in. If not use the button below and then return to this page. Once you are registered and logged in a new button will have appeared called ‘Create Gift List’.

Step 2

Click the Create Gift List button.

Step 3

Fill out the Gift List details, Give it a name, describe your list and the occasion, select the occasion, decide whether you want to have your list kept private, public or share it with your special gift list link.

Step 4

Share your list with anyone you want or keep it for yourself to come back to when you are ready to buy your trees.

Step 5

Enjoy your special occasion and your beautiful trees, which will be delivered and planted for you by us.

Begin creating your list here (must register or login first).

Please login or register for an account to create a Gift List

To access a list as a guest and choose trees or purchase Vouchers for the list holder – enter the name or email of the list holder below.

Find a List

List Name Name Date Added
Lizzie and Glen’s wedding Glen Lizzie June 10, 2018