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Helpful Hints

Check out some of our useful tree resources such as how to plan a tree guides, glossary and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a tree from Tree and Garden Gift Company is very easy but to make it even easier we have provided some information below. So what do you do again? So what’s so special about your trees? Yes but which tree do I buy? And how large will they be? But how many trees do Read More

Trees for Screening

Pleached trees make an ideal way of screening and providing privacy and are far more cost effective than obtaining planning permission and constructing a walled garden or erecting tall solid and unforgiving fences, which then scream out to be clothed. See bottom of page for products. Pleached trees are available in a number of varieties, Read More

Planting an Acer Tree

Tasked with sourcing a collection of 35 notoriously slow growing Japanese Maples, to create a stunning Acer Glade, we were offered these Chelsea medal winning specimens. In this video you can see them going into the garden and the resulting Glade. This project was run by our sister company Garden Design Company and the trees Read More

Tree Planting Guide

We have created a complete guide to planting trees – you can view this as entire video or pick from the chapters below. If you’d like to see how we plant a large amount of very big trees please click here. Full film Preparation  The All Important Roots Planting Depth – The Nursery Line Read More