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Trees for Screening

Half standard – the clear stem is at 1m before the panel starts

Pleached trees make an ideal way of screening and providing privacy and are far more cost effective than obtaining planning permission and constructing a walled garden or erecting tall solid and unforgiving fences, which then scream out to be clothed. See bottom of page for products.


Full Standard – the canopy starts at 1.8m

Pleached trees are available in a number of varieties, but not all trees respond well to being pleached and then trimmed annually.

You can see the different styles of pleached trees to the right. Essentially you have;


Full panels – the panel of foliage almost touches the ground

‘Half standard’ where the clear stem is at 1m before the panel starts, ideal candidates for this style include; Limes (Tilia), Hornbeams (Carpinus) evergreen oaks (Quercus ilex), Sweet Gums (Liquidambers).

‘Full standard’ where the canopy starts at 1.8m.

‘Full panels’ where the panel of foliage almost touches the ground.

They are available at different degrees of maturity, all trained on frames, but as they take so long to grow and train, the supply is finite. The cost of these trees, supplied and planted, starts at £700 plus VAT but as the trees are so unique we offer a bespoke service whereby we will quote individually for your requirements. For more information please contact us.