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Acer griseum


Common Name(s):

  • Paper Bark Maple
  • Maple
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RHS Award of Garden Merit


A lovely, slow-growing, medium-sized tree, prized as much for its autumn colour as for its cinnamon-coloured ornamental bark, which peels away naturally in thin layers, hence this tree’s common name, Paper Bark Maple. The mid-green, deeply-cut, maple-like leaves are downy and whitish beneath and turn brilliant shades of orange and scarlet in autumn. Flowers are small and insignificant. This stunning tree is best planted where it can be viewed and enjoyed all year round.

Full Tree Specifications

Mature Size: medium

Time to maturity: 20-50 years

Habit / Shape: branched spreading

Flower colour: yellow

Weather exposure: sheltered

Foliage colour:

  • green
  • orange
  • red

Season of Interest:

  • spring
  • summer
  • autumn
  • winter

Soil Moisture: moist but well-drained soil

Soil acidity/alkalinity: happy anywhere

Bark colour: brown-orange peeling bark

Soil Type:

  • chalk
  • clay
  • I don't have a clue
  • loam
  • sand


  • full sun
  • partial shade


  • full sun
  • partial shade
  • sheltered

Tree features:

  • attractive bark
  • peeling bark
  • autumn leaf colour

Possible pests, diseases, problems:

  • horse chestnut scale
  • aphids
  • verticillium wilt


  • Birthday
  • Christening
  • Retirement
  • wedding

Common Name(s):

  • Maple
  • Paper bark Maple

  • Regular watering is essential from Spring until Autumn
  • Check monthly that tree has not rocked
  • Loosen and re tie tree ties annually
  • Keep weed free, and mulch annually