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Alnus cordata


Common Name(s):

  • Italian Alder
  • Alder
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A fast growing, conical/pyramidal-shaped, deciduous tree. Yellow catkins appear in late winter and early spring followed by heart-shaped glossy deep green leaves. Small cones appear and remain on the tree throughout autumn. Thrives on almost all types of ground including dry, but is most at home by the waterside and grows well in poor soil. Being tolerant of pollution, it is ideally suited to large urban gardens, but avoid planting next to hard surfaces as its vigour could result in lifting.

Full Tree Specifications

Mature Size: large

Flowering Period: spring

Time to maturity: 20-30 years

Habit / Shape: conical / pyramidal

Flower colour: yellow

Weather exposure: happy anywhere

Foliage colour: green

Season of Interest:

  • spring
  • summer

Soil Moisture:

  • moist soil
  • moist but well-drained soil
  • well-drained soil
  • dry soil

Soil acidity/alkalinity: happy anywhere

Bark colour: brown bark

Soil Type:

  • chalk
  • clay
  • I don't have a clue
  • loam
  • sand


  • full sun
  • partial shade


  • happy anywhere

Tree features: catkins

Possible pests, diseases, problems:

  • alder sucker
  • leaf-mining sawflies
  • phytophthora


  • anniversary
  • Christening
  • christmas
  • memorial
  • Retirement
  • wedding

Common Name(s):

  • Alder
  • Italian Alder

  • Regular watering is essential from Spring until Autumn
  • Check monthly that tree has not rocked
  • Loosen and re tie tree ties annually
  • Keep weed free, and mulch annually